Long-Term exceptional performance

Rapid, accurate self-correction

Continual, competent self-generation

Behind the Name

You are a business person. That single fact means you are one of the most talented people in the world.

  • You have the ability to do what must be done to get something done - or you don't survive.
  • You are resilient, thorough and insightful - or you don't survive.
  • You have deep resources of inner strength and capacity - or you don't survive.


You are a business person - a person who does business. You want a return on what you invest.

  • A return on the money you invest - you want to make more money.
  • A return on the time you invest - you want to enjoy the money you make.
  • A return on the life you invest - to say honestly that what you do in business has meaning.


At ROI Executive Coaching, we desire for you to experience a return on all your investments:

  • So you make money on the cost of your Coaching Investment.
  • So the time you invest increases your enjoyment of all of your life.
  • So that you create meaning as you invest in your life.


Coaching can help you learn how to create meaning and to increase your enjoyment - that is, how to become a more effective person who is doing business. Your effectiveness, in turn, will increase the ability of the people around you to create meaning and increase their enjoyment of life. That, for us, is the return on our investment.