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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What results can I expect from Coaching?
    The Executive Coaching field defines “values” not as morals or ethics, but as activities – the things you love doing, and would do whether you got paid for it or not. The best Executive Coaching helps you focus on your values, and encourages you to shift more of your work into areas in which your values apply.

    Along the way you can expect to free up time in your calendar, to reduce stress, to become more productive, to learn how to help your direct reports become more productive, and to attain a better work/life balance. You can also expect to attain your specific goals from the coaching relationship.
  2. Where and how often do we meet?
    We enjoy meeting in person, and do so when that is possible. However, most people choose to meet by telephone weekly (with flexibility for scheduling conflicts). Sessions usually last an hour, but can be adjusted according to your time and schedule. A minimum of 12 sessions is customary; see the Services tab for complete information.
  3. Who is your typical client?
    We focus on two types of clients:
    • The small business owner who wants assistance in getting out of their own way
    • The engineer who has been promoted to management, and wants to learn how to help their team succeed

    While many coaching practices try and coach everyone, we find that focusing our efforts gives our clients better results in less time. However, if you are interested in obtaining coaching and do not fall into either of these categories, we encourage you to consult with one of our Strategic Partners, who have specialties other than ours.
  4. What Coaching methodology do you follow?
    Integral Coaching forms the core of our methodology. Speaking broadly, we focus on your Structure of Interpretation – how you view the world – and on how you can embody the new insights you gain from coaching.

    A more complete description of Integral Coaching can be found at:
  5. Is Executive Coaching for me?
    Perhaps not. Many executives benefit from coaching; others find it a waste of time and money. Any reputable coaching practice will offer you a free 30-minute sample session; we encourage you to take advantage of those offers from several different practices before you commit to a coaching relationship. Then call ROI and set up your free session with us; find out from experience whether we will be of any use to you.
  6. Who pays for Executive Coaching?
    When a company asks high-potential individuals or those needing to improve their leadership or management skills to seek out coaching, the company pays. Typically the client, the company sponsor (such as a VP or other senior executive) and the coach meet initially to discuss the outcomes the group desires for Executive Coaching. In the event that the client is under a Performance Improvement Plan, an HR representative usually attends the initial meeting. The return on the company’s investment is often a crucial matter in these instances; ROI guarantees the financial return on your company’s coaching investment.

    When an individual seeks Executive Coaching in order to enhance their leadership or management skills, expand their advancement opportunities or determine whether they should be moving on, the individual pays. The stakes are high for such individuals. Leadership in management is often lonely. You can find it difficult to get the accurate feedback you need to improve. You may be rightly concerned about exploring issues in-house. You know that you are the greatest single factor in the commitment, satisfaction, and productivity of your direct reports. And yet, you’re not convinced the results of executive coaching are worth the cost.  If this is your situation, we encourage you to take advantage of the ROI Guarantee.
  7. Is Privacy Guaranteed?
    Absolutely.  Even in the case where your company is paying for your coaching, we will establish the boundaries of our reporting at the start of the relationship, so that you can talk in absolute confidentiality.
  8. What areas and issues can ROI Executive Coaching address?
    At ROI Executive Coaching we help you identify the structure you use to interpret reality and to develop your Emotional Intelligence about yourself and about other people. The skills you will learn can make your life better in almost every area and in almost every situation. However, people normally seek out coaching in certain typical situations:

    • You are transitioning in your career - moving into a new role or promotion, assuming greater responsibility or undertaking high-risk projects.
    • You want to enhance your position in the competition for promotion or succession.
    • You want to develop your skills to motivate and create loyalty among your team(s), department or organization.
    • You wish to improve your ability to constructively hold the "difficult conversations" with members of your team or with your peers.
    • Your high stress levels interfere with your ability to lead, perform, and deliver.
    • You have trouble designing or executing strategies to reach your personal and organizational goals.
    • Your work/life balance has been a struggle and is deteriorating.
    • The feedback you receive from your boss or peers conflicts with your perception of yourself or your performance.

    Call ROI to set up your free 30-minute trial session, and explore whether Executive Coaching would help you attain your goals.