Long-Term exceptional performance

Rapid, accurate self-correction

Continual, competent self-generation


How well do people listen to you? How well are you heard?

You already have mastered your hard skills.  You can write the code, design the hardware, get the release out the door. You’ve succeeded because, as an individual, you performed.


Now you’re a manager – and you face challenges that require soft skills.


  • Your compensation is now based on someone else’s performance.
  • Your continuing promotion relies on your ability to read the politics of your organization.
  • You may even be on a Performance Improvement Program until your people skills improve.


You earned your promotion by performing. By thinking hard and working hard. By honing your competencies.


  • Is it time to hone your competencies with people?
  • Is it time to put your ability to think and work hard to a new use?
  • Is it time to turn your ability to perform toward mastering the emotional skills you need in order to succeed in your new role?


Call ROI.

We provide you a safe space to practice your developing Emotional Intelligence. We provide you an “advisor of trust” – someone who advocates for your goals and values, with whom you can talk honestly about the real issues you face. If you are on a Performance Improvement Program, we will work with both you and your company to ensure that everyone attains their goals and that your confidentiality is preserved.


And we do it with a guaranteed ROI on your coaching investment.